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Maintenance Of All Types Of Cars

صيانه متكامله

Regular Maintenance And Repairs (All Sections)

All works of mechanics, maintenance, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, fiber, doco, implementation of logos and renewal of all types of owners cars, minibuses, buses, transport, trailers and refrigerators of all kinds

قطع غيار

Spare Parts Supplies

We provide spare parts for all models of owners’ cars, transport, buses and trailers of all kinds, whether from the agency or alternatives from the local market


Passenger car maintenance

Maintenance Department supported by highly trained technicians with modern fault-diagnosing devices
Speed in functionality and competitive spare parts prices

your satisfaction matters to us


Car Evaluation Work

We have the latest star fault diagnosis device, in addition to the latest angle adjustment and alignment devices for transport, buses, trailers and owners of all kinds, which helps us to assess the condition of cars and the possibility of making a file for the car with the date of inspection and repairs

With You, Whatever The Size Of Your Maintenance Work

We implement the system of recording faults and repairing the customer’s cars with all its data as a database for the customer to refer to at any time, as well as printing tax invoices on the computer and recording the tax data on it and delivering it to the customer
. Own a fleet of owned cars, buses, or transportation of all kinds


Our work history speaks for us

صيانه سيارات

Insurance Sector

The company also works in the field of insured car accidents, renewal and repair, as the company is registered and approved by various insurance companies

Our Mission And Vision

We seek to achieve the desires of customers to reach the highest rates of vehicle operation at the lowest possible cost and the fastest time, through a team trained at the highest administrative and technical level.
We look at everything new to improve the level of technical performance to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction and to accomplish the tasks assigned to us at a high level in the shortest time
Our main goal is to provide spare parts at the best prices from reliable sources for replacement parts in addition to the original spare parts for transport cars, buses, trailers and owners according to the customer's desire

Contact Us

We work all days of the week except Friday from eight thirty in the morning until five in the evening


Plot 73 Extension of the 3rd Industrial Zone in 6th of October City after Akhbar Al-Youm Academy