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All Maintenance Work In One Place

We provide you with all works of mechanics, maintenance, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, faber, paints, renewal of all types of owners cars, minibuses, buses, transport, trailers and refrigerators of all kinds

, general machining, turning cylinders, rivet brake pads and repairing batteries. It owns the latest star fault diagnosis device, in addition to the latest angle adjustment and alignment devices for transport, buses, trailers and owners of all kinds.

About Our Services


Mechanical And Electrical Works

We have the latest fault-diagnosing devices and we do all mechanics, electrical, AC repairs and batteries
for all types of cars, transportation, buses and landlords.
All the services you will need are available under one roof.



plumbing & Paint

All plumbing, fiber and doco works, repair and renewal
of insured car accidents, car evaluation according to the technical condition, and renewal of all types of cars. All the services you will need are available under one roof.


Heavy Transport Services

We maintain, repair and renew trailers of all kinds, adjust corners and alignment, make brake overhauls, repair luggage and pillars, adjust chassis, repair and create air circuits and renew boxes,
meaning that all the services you will need are available under one roof.

صيانه سيارات

Spare Parts Supply

We provide spare parts at the best prices from reliable sources for replacement parts, in addition to the original spare parts for transport cars, buses, trailers and owners, according to the customer’s desire. We also guarantee the spare parts supplied through us.
All the services you will need are available under one roof
قطع غيار

Insurance Services

We are also working in the field of car accidents insured, refurbishment and repair ,
where the company is registered and accredited with various insurance companies as we have a cash management at the highest level of expertise that qualifies them to deal with the financial departments of all companies all services received and will need of available under one roof

صيانه نقل ثقيل

All Maintenance For All Car Models

We have a group of distinguished engineers and technicians who have previous experience in major transport and bus agencies, which gives weight to the company, and makes it possess scientific and practical experiences in the field of maintenance, repair and renewal of cars of all kinds. Transport owners. bus. trailers

هاى تك لصيانه النقل الثقيل

All Support From Hi Tech

Fully trust that your dealings with Hi-Tech will ensure the presence of an army of highly trained technicians in servicing your car at all levels and will ensure the availability of all services combined under one roof.