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About Hi-Tech Co For commercial vehicles service

Is a company working in the field of maintenance, repair and renewal of cars and vehicles of various kinds, and has the experience and knowledge of what it takes to become one of those major companies operating in the field of maintenance, repair and renewal of cars and vehicles of all kinds .

Goals and Vision of the Company

Hi Tech company aspires to serve the commercial vehicles to be one of the best and largest service centers in egypt.

Be the expectations of their customers is always to provide a prefered and professional services in the areas of maintenance and repair and supplier of spare parts for commercial vehicles and bus parts at the lowestcost and highest quality and fastest time.

Give effort in the field of professional service commercial vehicles in terms of quality, precision and timing. and provide appropriate prices That satisfy customer for wishes and prevent him to go to alternatives methods.

Preparation and assessment studies to determine the extent of customer satisfaction with the services provided by Hi Tech.


Company Slogon



The works of the company

The company works in all activities of  maintenance and mechanics, electricity, air conditioning, body repair and fiber and painting and implementation of logos and renewal of all types of passenger cars, mini buses, buses, trucks, trailers and cooled trailers . the works of the general turning and turning drums and riveting brake linings and repair of batteries, and the company have the advanced devices which help to discover  and diagnosis all the faults for mercedes vehicles, where it owns the latest diagnosis  device (STAR) in addition to the newest devices for wheel alignment and wheel balance for passenger cars , buses , trucks and trailers kinds  .

Cars and Vehicles Models


Our Customers

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First Branch

 Branch 1 : 6 October - piece of 73 the axis of banks after the right of the total gas station – Headline press in front of the factory Al attal for iron

Second Branch

 Branch 2 : Road qanater charity-ring road in front of the Coca-Cola factory

Third Branch

 Branch 3 : Giza - the industrial zone in Abu rawash - piece 120. the area of 75 acres - Agencies street after hire volks behind the total gas station

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